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Details: With Women’s Health Arizona, women come first—always. As Arizona’s largest ObGyn group, we’re trained and solely dedicated to delivering the best ObGyn experience in convenient and comfortable settings around Phoenix, with a variety of providers to suit your preference. Women’s Health Arizona is a family of providers, sharing new

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Dehydration in Children: Signs and Prevention

Details: Dehydration in children, just as in adults, can range from very mild to extremely severe, so be aware of the following symptoms and signs: Strong-Smelling Urine – If you notice this immediately began to offer more fluids into your child’s diet. Fewer Wet Diapers – This is a sign that dehydration is setting in, so be aware of how many wet

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Climaxing: Health Benefits and Tips

Details: The Health Benefits of Orgasms. Research indicates that climaxing has several physical and mental health benefits, including: Pain relief: Endorphins released cause a reduction in pain, including menstrual cramps. Improved heart health and immune system. Better sleep: The oxytocin released facilitates a calmer nervous system.

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dehydration Archives

Details: Find Your Women’s Healthcare Provider Today. We proudly serve the Phoenix metropolitan area with a wide range of women’s healthcare services in a location convenient for you. Whether you’re visiting for your first annual exam, family planning, or menopausal care, we’re here for you. Request an Appointment Today!

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