To improve postpartum care, improve patient follow-up, study …

JAMA Network Open study examines the 'postpartum cliff,' looks for ways to improve care for mothers with anxiety, depression, hypertension and diabetes.

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The future of health care is here. When will it be everywhere

Science continues to produce marvels, yet half of all people in the world lack access to basic medical care.

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The pandemic has helped engage people with their health STAT

A surprising pandemic side effect: People are more engaged with their health. A bout a month ago, one of our patients, a man in his mid-40s, came to the clinic for an in …

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NIH tests clinical research in primary care with $30 million …

The National Institutes of Health will invest $30 million to test a national network integrating clinical research with primary care.

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New Medicare rules offer a lifeline for digital therapeutics firms

In what could be a lifeline for a new crop of health tech startups, Medicare proposes paying for digital mental health treatments.

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Hospital at home shows how to bring innovation to health care

Why did wider adoption of hospital-at-home hospital strategies have to wait for a national public health emergency?

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Why health systems are faring better so far in 2024

The same trend that recently tanked health insurance stocks is what helped nonprofit health systems in their first quarter financial reports: Americans are getting more …

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Who owns our health data — and why we should care

This week on the "First Opinion Podcast," Juhan Sonin and Annie Lakey Becker explain why it's important to fight for patient ownership of health data across the country and …

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AI doesn't have to replace humans to accelerate medicine STAT

At the Milken Institute 2024 Global Conference, leaders in health care technology debated the best way to develop and regulate AI in medicine.

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Latest health, science and medicine news from STAT

To keep up with the latest developments in biotech, pharma and the life sciences, bookmark this page.

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Explaining Change Healthcare and the gravity of its cyberattack

STAT spoke with health economist Ben Handel to provide context on Change Healthcare, and why a cyberattack on Change is such a big deal.

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Health disparities and premature deaths run deep, even in best

A new analysis of health inequities shows that every state has deep racial and ethnic disparities in the performance of their health care systems.

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It’s time to change the definition of ‘health’

Rather than pursuing the "absence" of disease, we need a more inclusive definition of health — one that works for more people.

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Helping hospitals and community health centers plan for resilience …

Health care providers and administrators are often either unaware of the opportunities and resources available through the Inflation Reduction Act or unprepared to …

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J.D. Vance health care policy views, VC investments STAT

WASHINGTON — Sen. J.D. Vance, who was tapped to be former President Trump’s running mate on Monday, has a history of investing in health care companies —

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In military medicine, study shows rank and race affect care

Study highlights systemic injustices related to power, race found throughout medicine. Health disparities in military care less than those among civilians.

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Health care is a human right in times of crisis. Why not every day

In times of crisis, we stop denying millions of Americans ready and affordable access to health care. That should happen every day.

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Health plans need to address health inequities as part of their

In recent years, health plans and the medical community have made strides in expanding access to health care coverage. It is now time — long past time — to include racial …

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STAT: News, analysis, and insight on the health insurance industry

Health insurance industry news: Trends, issues and latest developments impacting patients, insurers, medical providers and health care policymakers.

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STAT health tech: Stories on AI, new medical devices and more

Telehealth, digital healthcare, virtual medicine, medical AI: Stay up to date with the latest health tech developments that are transforming medical care.

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Food is medicine: Medicaid contractors delivering salty, fatty …

Advocates say companies are taking advantage of the Food is Medicine movement, which aims to integrate nutritious food into health care.

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Sanford Health to acquire Marshfield Clinic STAT

The Sanford-Marshfield deal would create a giant rural health system with 56 hospitals and 56,000 workers.

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