Automate Database Health Check Severalnines

ClusterControl is an ops platform for databases, it shows server health, performance, or availability problems within their database environment, all from a central … See more

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Benchmark of Load Balancers for MySQL/MariaDB Galera Cluster

WEBWhen running a MariaDB Cluster or Percona XtraDB Cluster, it is common to use a load balancer to distribute client requests across multiple database nodes. Load …

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Newly Updated “MySQL Load Balancing with HAProxy” Tutorial

WEBWe have recently updated our tutorial on MySQL Load Balancing with HAProxy. Read about deployment and configuration, monitoring, ongoing maintenance, …

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InnoDB and NDB Performance Optimization – Severalnines Support

WEBGreat article! You've covered key aspects of InnoDB and NDB performance optimization comprehensively. The emphasis on query and schema optimization is particularly …

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How to Change AWS Instance Sizes for Your Galera Cluster

WEBRunning your database cluster on AWS is a great way to adapt to changing workloads by adding/removing instances, or by scaling up/down each instance. At …

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Installation Severalnines Documentation Center

WEBIf you install ClusterControl via one of the methods described under Automatic Installations (install-cc, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, etc), the s9s client will be installed automatically.

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A Guide to Pgpool for PostgreSQL: Part One Severalnines

WEBPgpool is a useful piece of software for connection pooling and load balancing. This is part one of the blog which provides an overview and tips on how to get …

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Using NGINX as a Database Load Balancer for Galera Cluster

WEBNginx is well-known for its ability to act as a reverse-proxy with small memory footprint. It usually sits in the front-end web tier to redirect connections to …

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How ClusterControl Performs Automatic Database Recovery

WEBIn this blog post, we look deeper into one of the most advanced features offered by ClusterControl called automatic database recovery and failover. …

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What DBAs Should Know About HIPAA and Other Data

WEBThis blog discusses what System Administrators and DBAs should know when managing data for a business that deals in medical information data.

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Eliminating PostgreSQL Split-Brain in Multi-Cloud Databases

WEBA multi-cloud environment is useful for geo-distributed topologies or even as part of a disaster recovery plan, but there is a risk of split-brain in this kind of scenario. In …

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How ClusterControl Configures Virtual IP and What to Expect …

WEBClusterControl uses Keepalived to provide virtual IP address integration with database load balancers to eliminate any single point of failure (SPOF) at the load …

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High Availability Read-Write Splitting with php-mysqlnd, MySQL

WEBIn this blog post, we explore the use of php-mysqlnd_ms with a PHP application (Wordpress) on a standard MySQL Replication backend.

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Swarm Mode Limitations for Galera Cluster in Production Setups

WEBIn the last couple of blog posts on Docker, we have looked into understanding and running Galera Cluster on Docker Swarm.It scales and fails over …

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PostgreSQL load balancing with HAProxy Severalnines

WEBBring balance to your databases via PostgreSQL load balancing with ClusterControl. Learn about HAProxy basics, health checks, failure detection, read/write splitting, …

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Best Practices for Enabling Database Alarms & Notifications

WEBDatabase Alarms and Notifications are one of the best ways to notify us of what’s going on with our monitored database servers. This does not limit alone to the …

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MySQL load balancing with HAProxy Severalnines

WEBThe topology of the database cluster is masked behind HAProxy. MySQL connections are load-balanced between available DB nodes. It is possible to add or remove database …

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Amazon RDS vs Google Cloud SQL

WEBAmazon RDS provides a web interface through which you can deploy MySQL. The RDS service manages the provisioning of the instance and configuration. …

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Running MongoDB with Ops Manager Severalnines

WEBMongoDB Ops Manager is a deployment, monitoring and management tool for MongoDB Enterprise. This blog provides you with an overview of the tool and how it …

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