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WEBJuly 1, 2024 — With a new surgical intervention and neuroprosthetic interface, researchers restored a natural walking gait in people with amputations below …

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WEBUnregulated Sales of a Toxic and Hallucinogenic Mushroom Endanger Public Health. June 10, 2024 — Americans' interest in a potentially harmful 'magic mushroom' …

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WEBWomen's health and fitness. Information on women's health issues such as sexual health, birth control, pregnancy and healthy aging. Updated daily.

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WEBJune 21, 2024 — A new study found that nearly 75 per cent of young people with a psychotic disorder had at least one mental health service visit within the three years …

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WEBRead about the latest research in nutrition. Answers to questions about nutrition, body weight, herbal and nutritional supplements, and the role of diet in …

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Scientists discover a cause of lupus and a possible way

WEBLupus affects more than 1.5 million people in the U.S. Until this new study, the causes of this disease were unclear. Lupus can result in life-threatening damage to …

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WEBJuly 11, 2024 — A new study finds four in 10 cancer cases and about one-half of all cancer deaths in adults 30 years old and older in the United States (or 713,340

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Health declining in Gen X and Gen Y, US study shows

WEBSummary: Recent generations show a worrying decline in health compared to their parents and grandparents when they were the same age, a new national study …

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Artificial intelligence outperforms clinical tests at predicting

WEBThe researchers say this shows it should be applicable in a real-world patient, clinical setting. Dr Ben Underwood, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at CPFT and …

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Diseases and Conditions News -- ScienceDaily

WEBResearchers Identify Potential Therapeutic Target for Management of Thirst Disorders. July 11, 2024 In a recent mouse-model study researchers have now found …

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Human Biology News -- ScienceDaily

WEBEarlier Headlines. July 11, 2024 The American Journal of Human Genetics recently published a perspective piece on the need for an equitable and inclusive future …

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WEBHealthy aging is a journey and a process. Read articles on treating bladder problems, slowing dementia and understanding health issues related to aging.

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Youth with conduct disorder show widespread differences in brain

WEBThe largest neuroimaging study of conduct disorder to date has revealed extensive changes in brain structure among young people with the disorder. The largest …

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WEBJust for teens. Read articles about teenage pregnancy, contraception methods, and other teen health and sexuality issues. Also find new research and information on …

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WEBFar from Toxic, Lactate Rivals Glucose as Body's Major Fuel After a Carbohydrate Meal. May 14, 2024 — Scientists have documented the benefits of lactate …

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WEBJune 27, 2024 — Just four per cent of talented teen academy prospects make it to the top tier of professional football, a new study has shown. A sample of nearly 200 players, …

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WEBSmall Amounts of Licorice Raise Blood Pressure, Study Finds. Mar. 14, 2024 — It is known that large amounts of licorice cause high blood pressure. A new …

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Children's Health News -- ScienceDaily

WEBSecure Access to Food and Water Decreasing for US Children. June 7, 2024 — The number of children in the U.S. facing simultaneous water and food insecurity …

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Blood fat profiles confirm health benefits of replacing butter with

WEBSwitching from a diet high in saturated animal fats to one rich in plant-based unsaturated fats affects the fat composition in the blood, which in turn influences long …

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AI tool successfully responds to patient questions in

WEBAs part of a nationwide trend, many more of NYU Langone Health's patients during the pandemic started using electronic health record tools to ask their doctors …

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Timing is everything: Study finds link between bowel

WEBResearchers examined the clinical, lifestyle, and multi-omic data of more than 1,400 healthy adults. How often people poop, they found, can have a large influence on …

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Decline in global adolescent fertility rates is

WEBA new report from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and the Columbia Aging Center with colleagues from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health …

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