The purpose of this article is to clarify the meaning of health, starting from the analysis of the definition of health stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, highlighting its strengths and its critical aspects. The considerations on …

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Health Databases and Health Database Organizations: …

No one engaged in any part of health care delivery or planning today can fail to sense the immense changes on the horizon, even if the silhouettes of those changes, let alone the details, are in dispute. 11The Clinton administration's proposed Health Security Act (HSA, 1993) gives appreciable attention to information systems and related matters. It calls for the establishment …

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5 The Health Care Delivery System

This chapter addresses the issues of access, managing chronic disease, neglected health care services (i.e., clinical preventive services, oral, and mental health care and substance abuse services), and the capacity of the health care delivery system to better serve the population in terms of cultural competence, quality, the workforce, financing, information technology, and …

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What Is Population Health

Population health includes health outcomes, patterns of health determinants, and policies and interventions that link these two. Attention to social and environmental, as well as medical, determinants of health is essential. The population health lens can be used at the individual, practice, institutional, and community levels.

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Practices and Perceptions of Local Health …

Since local health officers/commissioners play a crucial role in the development of policies that protect their respective communities from the harms of tobacco, it is important to characterize their views on the T21 legislation and advocacy activities among them. This was a cross-sectional pilot study of three Midwestern states taken prior to

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The effectiveness of two occupational health intervention …

Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness of two occupational health intervention programmes, both compared with usual care. Methods: Based on a health survey, 1341 employees (88% males) in construction, service and maintenance work were classified into three groups: "low risk" (n = 386), "intermediate risk" (n = 537) and "high risk" (n = 418) of sickness absence.

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Physical and psychosocial factors associated with health …

This study explored how physical and psychosocial factors influenced the practice of health-promoting behaviors among elderly Chinese patients with type-2 diabetes. Individual structured interviews were conducted with 191 elderly Chinese attending an outpatient clinic in Hong Kong. Results showed th …

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Creating a successful occupational health and safety …

It is imperative that perceptions be considered when planning and implementing a worksite health and safety program. Occupational and environmental health nurses are in the perfect position to ensure workers' perceptions are considered, thus reducing worksite injury and illness and increasing company profits.

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Neoliberalism, welfare policy and health: a qualitative …

For participants in the United States, these health issues were often compounded by a loss of health benefits on moving into low-wage employment. In countries where a return to employment was required before children reached school age, a lack of affordable and appropriate child care, especially for children with health problems, exacerbated

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4 A Community Health Improvement Process

Many factors influence health and well-being in a community, and many entities and individuals in the community have a role to play in responding to community health needs. The committee sees a requirement for a framework within which a community can take a comprehensive approach to maintaining and improving health: assessing its health needs, …

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Conscientious objection to provision of legal abortion care

Despite advances in scientific evidence, technologies, and human rights rationale for providing safe abortion, a broad range of cultural, regulatory, and health system barriers that deter access to abortion continues to exist in many countries. When conscientious objection to …

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Australian and Canadian mental health Acts compared

Australian mental health Acts have a relatively stronger 'treatment' focus than some Canadian Acts. The apparently stronger 'rights' focus of some Canadian laws (such as the permission of treatment refusal) can paradoxically result in a denial of liberty rights. The way in which the relevant legislation is shaped in both countries will

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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Community Settings

9. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Community Settings. Our world—and our neighborhoods—are instrumental in determining our health status. Education, access to services, family life, and work all play a role in shaping individual health and lifestyles. The kinds of health messages that people receive close to home, in their own

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The implementation of integrated mother and child health and …

Health workers must be convinced that an integrated service will not only benefit patients, but also simplify and systematize clinical procedures. Patient flow plans, outreach services, case records, and supervisory forms must be modified and health staff will require training on maternal-child health care components that are not being provided

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Role of exercise stages in self-reported health-promoting …

The purpose of this study was to examine the self-perceived health-promoting behaviors with respect to exercise stages of Turkish adolescents at transition from high school to university. Participants were 358 adolescents (192 boys, 166 girls) who were accepted to a research university for undergrad …

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Safety of Recombinant Zoster Vaccine in Patients with

Methods: This was a retrospective cohort study using data from Veteran Affairs Health System (VAHS). The exposure of interest was receiving RZV. We randomly matched such exposed patients with unexposed. The primary outcome was the first episode of IBD flare within 90 days of the index date. Baseline characteristics were compared between groups

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5 Health Care Services for Homeless People

To the extent that homeless people have been able to obtain needed health care services, they have relied on emergency rooms, clinics, hospitals, and other facilities that serve the poor. Indigent people (with or without a home) experience many obstacles in obtaining health care. For homeless people there are additional barriers. Recognition of the special health care needs of …

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The Impact of Social and Cultural Environment on Health

Health is determined by several factors including genetic inheritance, personal behaviors, access to quality health care, and the general external environment (such as the quality of air, water, and housing conditions). In addition, a growing body of research has documented associations between social and cultural factors and health (Berkman and Kawachi, 2000; Marmot and …

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Measurement of Health Disparities, Health Inequities, and Social

Reduction of health disparities and advancement of health equity in the United States require high-quality data indicative of where the nation stands vis-à-vis health equity, as well as proper analytic tools to facilitate accurate interpretation of these …

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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Health care providers, health plans, and business associates have a strong tradition of safeguarding private health information. However, in today’s world, the old system of paper records locked in cabinets is not enough anymore.

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SARS-CoV-2 and Acute Diverticulitis: the Expanding …

Affiliations 1 Department of Medicine, Hackensack Meridian Health, Palisades Medical Center, North Bergen, NJ, USA.; 2 Department of Medicine, University of Toledo

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2 The State of Health Disparities in the United States

HEALTH DISPARITIES. For the purposes of this report, health disparities are differences that exist among specific population groups in the United States in the attainment of full health potential that can be measured by differences in incidence, prevalence, mortality, burden of disease, and other adverse health conditions ().While the term disparities is often …

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Reported injury, hospitalization, and injury fatality rates

Hospitalization and fatality rates were higher among young adult workers ages 19-21 years; non-Hispanic Whites; and, males. Percent fatality for ages 19-21 years was greater than ages 14-17 years and 18 years. Declines in hospitalization rates corresponded to decreases in reported injuries among career-technical-vocational education students.

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The Swedish national public health policy report 2010

Background: In 2003, the Swedish Parliament adopted a cross-sectorial national public health policy based on the social determinants of health, with an overarching aim--to create societal conditions that will ensure good health, on equal terms, for the entire population--and eleven objective domains. At that time the policy was globally unique, and serves as guidance for …

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National Center for Biotechnology Information

Health is the ability to adapt to one's environment and its own limitations. At the Dutch conference, a participant asked for the concept of ‘salutogenesis’ (becoming healthy) and more concrete research work in a field dominated by studies of pathogenesis (becoming ill).

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Please don't shoot me: I'm only the change agent

The change agent is a necessity rather than an option for a hospital's future success in the volatile managed care environment. While his or her message may be unpopular and tactics unconventional, the change agent had the extraordinary confidence and capacity to move an organization from analysis to synthesis. This article describes the change

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9 Race/Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, and Health

Health differences among adults by SES and between blacks and whites are thought to be maximal in late middle age (Hayward et al., 2000). However, even examination of the effect of observed socioeconomic differentials in either short-term incidence or prevalence at this age may not fully indicate the overall age pattern of health differences

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