DaVita Health Portal DaVita Kidney Care

WEBTrack your progress by accessing and sharing your lab values, nutrition reports and more. Keep contact information and important health reports safe and organized. Find out how …

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Kidney disease and dialysis information

WEBDetermine which stage of kidney disease you’re in by calculating a glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and start managing your health. When Jose and peritoneal dialysis (PD) nurse …

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myDaVita.com: The Online Kidney Care Resource

WEBThe DaVita Health Portal is a portion of myDaVita.com that’s available exclusively to DaVita dialysis patients. You can elect to gain access to the DaVita Health Portal as part of …

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Kidney Care 101 DaVita Kidney Care

WEBFor people with end stage kidney disease (ESKD), we’re champions for life-saving transplantation. Kidney disease affects more than one in seven U.S. adults, or an estimated 37 million Americans. 1 For the more than 780,000 people living with ESKD, consistent dialysis treatment or kidney transplant are the only ways to sustain life.

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Dialysis Centers in North Jersey DaVita Kidney Care

WEBHome dialysis options offer the flexibility and comfort of dialyzing at home. In-center nocturnal dialysis allows you to dialyze in-center overnight three times per week while …

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DaVita Jersey City Dialysis DaVita Kidney Care

WEBFind a Dialysis Center Search Results. DaVita Jersey City Dialysis. DaVita Jersey City Dialysis. 1310 5th St North Bergen, NJ07047-1710. Get Directions. Phone:1-800-424 …

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Dialysis Treatment Options & Services DaVita Kidney Care

WEBPatient Payment Portal. Make one less phone call or trip to the mailbox by using Forte Secure Web Pay, the easy and convenient way to pay your bill. Explore the treatment …

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VillageHealth Programs I We’re in this together

WEBThe VillageHealth program works alongside doctors and health insurance plans nationwide, giving members like you access to new services and resources. We pair members with a care team that supports your individual health care needs and helps you get more from services already covered by your insurance. VillageHealth is offered and paid for by

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Kidney Disease Education DaVita Kidney Care

WEBBefore that, you can use the GFR calculator to estimate your GFR. Use the links below to learn about each stage of kidney disease: Stage 1 with normal or high GFR (GFR > 90 …

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DaVita Health Tour

WEBThe DaVita Health Tour traveled coast-to-coast! We brought free health screenings and kidney care education to thousands of community members across the U.S. The …

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About Compassionate, Quality Healthcare DaVita Inc.

WEBUnwavering pursuit of a healthier tomorrow. At DaVita, we’re driven to deliver differential, equitable and holistic care to our patients throughout their entire kidney disease journey. Learn how we are making strides to transform kidney care today and beyond. To be the Provider, Partner, and Employer of Choice.

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Find a Dialysis Center Tools DaVita Kidney Care

WEBFor Partners. Tools. Find a Dialysis Center. Find A Center. Use Our Find a Dialysis Center Tool to find the DaVita Kidney Care dialysis center that best fits your needs or speak …

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Life with Kidney Disease Education DaVita Kidney Care

WEBTake Control After a Kidney Disease Diagnosis. Living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be life-changing. How you approach it is an important factor in helping you better …

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Request Treatment

WEBYou are requesting treatment at: DaVita Dialysis At Palisades Medical Center7650 River Rd, Ste 150North Bergen, NJ 07047-6528. Phone: 1-800-424-6589Fax: (201) 758-2794. …

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Most Common Questions Kidney Patients Ask Doctors

WEBCall 1-800-424-6589 now to talk to one of our placement specialists. Dr. Kristensen is an accomplished DaVita nephrologist. She has written a special guest article for …

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Carbohydrates and the Kidney Diet

WEBServing sizes on the kidney diet are important for overall weight control and glucose control if you have diabetes. One serving of a carbohydrate food provides 60-100 calories and …

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DaVita Dialysis At Palisades Medical Center

WEBKidney Care Begins with Kidney Smart®. Learn more and get your questions answered in a no-cost kidney education class. FIND A CLASS. Find A Center. Find the DaVita Kidney …

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Insurance Coverage for Dialysis Treatment & Services

WEBThings to Consider When Choosing Health Insurance. 1. Dialysis benefits: Make sure the plans you consider include dialysis as a benefit. 2. Transplant options: If you are …

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Choosing a Kidney Doctor When You Need Dialysis

WEBFind a Dialysis Center. Call 1-800-424-6589 now to talk to one of our placement specialists. SEARCH NOW. With just a little research, you can find the nephrologist that …

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New Medicare Option for Dialysis Patients

WEBOriginal Medicare is a national health insurance program administered by the U.S. federal government for people age 65 or older or under 65 with certain disabilities. It’s also for …

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