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WEBGSK down 9% after U.S. court allows Zantac lawsuits, pharma giants set to appeal. Mon, Jun 3rd 2024. Health and Science.

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Why health-care costs are rising in the U.S. more than anywhere else

WEBHealth-care spending made up 5% of total U.S. GDP in 1960. In 2020, spending hit almost 20% of total U.S. GDP. “Health care almost always outpaces …

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The planetary health diet may help you live a longer, healthier life

WEBRisk of premature death was 30% lower for people who ate a planet-friendly diet, according to a recent study. Here's what the diet entails.

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Why health insurance is poised to make inflation jump

WEBThe health insurance inflation index has fallen each month since October. That trend is set to reverse, economists said.

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Omega-3 fatty acids: Best nutrient to boost your brain health

WEBChia seeds. Sesame seeds. Walnuts. Flax seeds. About one ounce of chia seeds is more than your daily recommended intake of omega-3 fatty acids and delivers …

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There’s a connection between workers’ mental health and …

WEBFinancial planning for the future can be hard if you're struggling to get through the day. Research shows mental health may affect workers' financial …

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What to know about 2023 health insurance marketplace open …

WEBFor individuals or families that get — or could get — health insurance through the public marketplace, the opportunity to choose coverage for 2023 is nearing. …

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A Harvard brain expert shares 6 things he never does in order to …

WEBTo continue staying sharp, energized and healthy, here are six things I never do: 1. I never load up on high-carb foods. Diet plays a role in obesity, diabetes and heart …

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Here's where the jobs are for April 2024 — in one chart

WEBHealth care and social assistance led the way, while construction hiring slowed.

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You can now get free or low-cost health insurance if you collect

WEBThe current special enrollment period ends Aug. 15. Anyone who is receiving — or already received — unemployment benefits in 2021 could discover they now …

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How to choose a health insurance plan that saves money

WEBIt is a process that can be confusing, time-consuming and costly. A study of almost 24,000 employees at a major Fortune 100 company found that 61% of them …

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Treasury yields rise ahead of May retail sales data

WEBU.S. Treasury bond yields rose Tuesday as investors traders looked ahead to May retail sales data for insights into the health of the consumer.

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Doctors and nutritionists share the foods they eat for better health

WEB5 foods that doctors and nutritionists eat every day for better health. 1. Leafy greens. The importance of leafy green vegetables in your daily diet cannot be overstated …

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A Harvard nutritionist and brain expert shares the 5 foods she eats

WEB1. Extra dark chocolate. Chopped dark chocolate. “Extra dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and cacao flavanols that help preserve the health of brain cells,” Naidoo …

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How to avoid a tax surprise from marketplace health coverage

WEBIf you get health insurance through the public marketplace, a midyear review can help avoid a tax surprise. About 12.9 million people enrolled in health insurance …

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Health Savings Account (HSA): What It Is and How to Use It

WEBEven if a treatment is covered by your health insurance, it likely comes with a co-pay and deductible. A health saving account (HSA) allows consumers with a high …

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Sword Health announces Phoenix conversational AI

WEBPain management startup Sword Health on Tuesday announced a new artificial intelligence solution named Phoenix that patients can speak with for guidance …

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Mom of 18-year-old with a doctorate shares her No. 1 parenting

WEBDorothy Jean Tillman II, a teenager, earned a doctoral degree in integrated behavioral health last year. Her mother Jimalita has some parenting advice to share.

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Shrinking food stamp benefits challenge retailers

WEBSome grocers and big-box retailers could feel the impact more than others. According to an analysis by Credit Suisse, Grocery Outlet has the highest exposure to …

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Trump claims credit for Biden’s insulin price cap

WEBDonald Trump and President Biden are scheduled for their first presidential debate on June 27.

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Supreme Court rejects appeals brought by RFK Jr-founded anti …

WEBThe justices declined to hear cases brought by Children's Health Defense, the anti-vaccine group founded by independent presidential candidate Robert F. …

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Walmart should be under tighter scrutiny because of wrongful …

WEBIn a motion, the U.S. Equal Employment Commission said Walmart should be under tighter scrutiny for the next five years after it violated the Americans with …

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Things That Make Your Property Taxes Go Up

WEBHere are nine things that make your property taxes go up: 1. State and local budget cuts. Part of the revenue collected from property taxes is used to fund the public …

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What Trump told CEOs in their private meeting

WEBWhat Trump told CEOs in their private meeting

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10 companies that will let you work from home and are hiring now

WEBReddit, Airbnb and 8 more companies that let you work from home permanently and are hiring now. Published Sun, Apr 23 202310:00 AM EDT. Morgan …

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