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How to Choose Healthy Horse Treats

This horse owner is showing good treat-giving form. When giving a treat, hold the treat in the flat of your hand, and don't pull your hand away to prevent the horse from lunging for the treat. Even a polite horse may mistake a segment of carrot for fingers, and horse incisors have powerful crushing ability. 12.

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American Bulldog: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Along with helping your dog maintain its health and a suitable weight, exercise is a great way to keep this breed mentally stimulated. Without …

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Havanese: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

In This Article. The Havanese is a small toy dog breed from Cuba with a rounded face, floppy ears, and either curly or straight long hair. Havanese dogs have playful, affectionate personalities. Their good-natured temperament …

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Oriental Shorthair: Breed Profile, Characteristics & Care

Health conditions observed in oriental shorthairs include: Bladder stones; Liver and kidney amyloidosis; Mast cell cancer; Crossed eyes; Appearance . A smooth, silky coat that lies close to the body accents the …

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Himalayan: Cat Breed Profile, Characteristics & Care

Himalayan cats, also known as "Himmies," are a hybrid breed of Persian and Siamese cats first developed in the United States. The result is a beautiful feline with a long, silky, Persian-like coat and Siamese-like pointed …

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Turkish Van: Cat Breed Profile, Characteristics & Care

Common Health Problems. The Turkish van is a large cat. The breed is slow to mature, taking an average of three to five years to finish growing and reach their adult weight of up to 20 pounds. In general, the breed is quite …

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Teddy Roosevelt Terrier: Characteristics & Care

Common Health Problems . Although Teddy Roosevelt terriers are generally healthy and hardy, they can be predisposed to certain genetic diseases like all purebred dogs. The American Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Club …

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Brittany: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Brittany Dog Care . A happy and alert dog, the Brittany is a rugged, high-energy breed that will require daily exercise. If the Brittany dog does not receive ample exercise, it is likely to develop behavioral issues, such as …

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Fox Terrier: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Common Health Problems . Fox Terriers are generally healthy dogs, although they have been associated with some common problems that potential owners should be aware of. To help ensure your dog lives a long, healthy life, adopt from a responsible breeder that provides the medical history of your new puppy's parents. Genetic conditions of the Fox

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Tornjak: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Common Health Problems . The Tornjak is exceptionally healthy and hardy, with few inherited health conditions known to plague the breed. However, like most purebreds, it is still susceptible to a few common problems (even if rarely seen). The Tornjak also boasts a typical lifespan of 12 to 14 years, which is a fairly long life for a large breed.

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Perro de Presa Canario: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Characteristics of the Presa Canario. While initially slow to warm up, the Presa Canario has a gentle and sweet disposition, especially around people they trust. They are a confident breed, with an even keel and large presence. The Presa Canario’s stance is firm and vigilant, combined with a calm and confident temperament. Affection Level

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Texas Heeler: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Breed Overview. Group: Working. Height: 17-22 inches. Weight: 25-50 pounds. Coat: Short to medium-length coat, smooth and soft fur. Coat Color: Colors include black, blue merle, or blue ticked, with the possibility for white or tan …

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Nutrional Benefits of Eggs for Dogs

Benefits of Eggs for Dogs. Eggs are packed with protein and rich in many essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins including A and B12, as well as folate, iron, selenium, and riboflavin, which can all provide an array of health benefits for canines, ranging from improved skin and coat health to stronger teeth and bones.

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Hovawart: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

The Hovawart is a large working breed from Germany with a sturdy build, long fur, fluffy tail, and floppy ears. These dogs are often recognized by their solid black or black-and-tan coats, but Hovawarts with blonde fur also closely resemble the Golden Retriever. This beloved German breed has long served as a watchdog and guardian, and it was

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Cleveland Bay Horse Breed Profile

The Cleveland Bay has a rich history and holds the distinction of being the oldest breed native to England. The breed originated in the Cleveland and North Riding of Yorkshire areas, hence its name. The Chapman Horse, a pack horse, was crossed with Spanish horses in the mid-1600’s. After 1661, the Barb also contributed to the breed’s

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American Foxhound: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

Common Health Problems . One of America’s oldest breeds, the American foxhound has remained very genetically healthy. These dogs are known for being hardy, however, they may be prone to diseases based on their size and long ears. When adopting a puppy from a breeder, always ask to be provided with the medical history of the litter's parents.

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Can Cat Food Prevent Urinary Problems

Kitty fountains are particularly effective because many cats prefer drinking running water. In general, good quality canned cat foods are better for urinary health than dry foods. That said, however, there are some dry foods that have been carefully pH balanced. Even if you choose a high-quality dry food, however, canned food and water remain

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