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An eye opening report on the value of physical activity and it’s role in health and wellbeing. State of Life: Faith, Hoops & Charity. In this new, groundbreaking paper, we measured the health and wellbeing benefits of weekly religious attendance and physical activity alongside previous work on volunteering. For Summary and Full Technical

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WELLBY & TOOLS — State of life

SOLO - the State Of Life Outcomes bank. The UK has world-leading population data sets and surveys on our trust in others, sense of belonging, wellbeing, health, anti-social behaviour, physical activity and much more. And it is these measures that Chapter 5 of the 2021 Green Book Wellbeing guidance advises projects to use as “ validated

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Month one of 2020 Tracker

The analysis is from 679 respondents (15 April to 25th April ) compared to similar sample (386) from the January 2020 Essex Local Delivery Pilot Study baseline study. State of Life methodology also means that findings and differences to pre and post Covid19 can also be double checked against identical measures in UK National data sets.

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A new gold standard for measurement and evaluation, …

In our view this gives the WELLBY an extra layer of credibility and relevance as a measure of wellbeing and preventative health. 1 WELLBY (an increase of 1 on a 0-10 scale of Life Satisfaction for 1 person over 1 year) is given a value of £13,000 (2019 price levels), with a lower bound of £10,000 and an upper bound of £16,000.

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Faith, Hoops and Charity

A national preventative health service - available, free, now, and to all. We believe that through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic we’re now experiencing an ‘Overton window’, a period when certain policies become more acceptable to the mainstream. We often hear that certain things can’t be counted or valued. But they can, and we’ve

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FAQ — State of life

The State of Life approach works for anyone who engages with people and seeks to improve their lives in some way. The three free surveys are just the beginning. We can develop a survey that fits with what you do using our Survey Bank of over 200 questions from UK open data sets. Get in touch - we would love to hear from you.

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parkrun. Prevention is better than cure, but by how much

This pioneering study suggests that parkrun could be up to 25 times more cost-effective in generating health and wellbeing improvements in the population than the NHS. This is not to say that parkrun is better run than the NHS. We believe that the key reason parkrun is so effective at delivering social value is not so much the benefits, (which

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Pumped up on social value

Please read our free step by step guide to social value. There are three crucial and interdependent steps: Be clear on the outcomes you want to evidence and impact on (e.g. mental health) and measure those with your participants. Establish and evidence that it was actually your programme / project (and not something else in life) that actually

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Month 2 of 2020 Tracker

Life Satisfaction remains lower than January 2020, anxiety seems to be rising but not significantly. Health remains up but not as much. It looks like people are getting used to lockdown. The next few months as things ease up, schools do or don’t return and the impact of trust in the national leadership may provide some interesting insights.

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