The Health Care Climate Challenge Health Care Without Harm

The Health Care Climate Challenge has over 350 participants, representing the interests of more than 26,000 hospitals and health centers in 43 countries. Hospitals, health systems, and health care facilities are invited to sign the Health Care Climate Challenge pledge and join the climate-smart health care movement. It’s easy to get started:

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Healthy Food in Health Care Health Care Without Harm

The health care sector can help ensure that food systems “do no harm.”. Partnering with more than 1,000 hospitals across North America, our Healthy Food in Health Care program advocates on the local, state, and national level …

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Momentum for transformation of US health care sector …

One of the first health systems to sign on to this voluntary pledge was Providence, a member of Health Care Without Harm’s Health Care Climate Council and a recognized leader in climate and equity action, with goals already in place that include reaching net zero by 2030. Ali Santore, Providence executive vice president and chief advocacy

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Climate and health patient education Health Care …

The U.S. Health Care Climate Council produced a patient education brochure, Climate Change and Your Health: Extreme Heat, and a companion poster. The free materials were developed in collaboration with medical professionals and communications experts and were designed to motivate people to take action to protect their health.

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Health care climate footprint report Health Care Without Harm

If the global health care sector were a country, it would be the fifth-largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet, according to Health care’s climate footprint: How the health sector contributes to the global climate crisis and opportunities for action, a report by Health Care Without Harm in collaboration with Arup.The report provides the most comprehensive global …

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Healthy Flooring Health Care Without Harm

Health Care Without Harm US 12110 Sunset Hills Road Suite 600 Reston, VA 20190 Phone: 703-860-9790 Fax: 703-342-0337 [email protected] . Affiliated Websites

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Health Care Culinary Contest Health Care Without Harm

The grand prize winner of the 2021 Health Care Culinary Contest is: UW Health’s Afghan-style vegetable korma. Read the story behind the recipe and get to know our winning chefs. The winners’ accomplishment was celebrated at CleanMed 2022 in Kansas City, where the chefs received a plaque and the winning meal was served to participants.

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Our Team Health Care Without Harm

Our team includes employees of Health Care Without Harm, environmental and health organizations, institutions and independent consultants. The Health Care Without Harm U.S. headquarters are located at: 12110 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 600. Reston, VA …

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Health Concerns and Electronics Products

Presented to CleanMed by Ted Smith, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition / Computer TakeBack Campaign / Health Care Without HarmIt is estimated that 70% of the heavy metals found in landfills (including mercury and cadmium) come from discarded electronic products. Electronic waste contains: Mercury (damages brain, kidneys, fetus; travels easily in the food chain), PBT …

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Climate and Health Science Policy Fellowship at Health Care …

The Climate and Health Science Policy Fellowship was established by the University of Colorado School of Medicine to empower and train physicians to be credible, influential and knowledgeable climate and health thought leaders. This fellowship recognizes the critical role of physicians as powerful climate and health educators, communicators, researchers and policy advocates as

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Practice Greenhealth Health Care Without Harm

Practice Greenhealth is the nation's leading membership and networking organization for organizations in the healthcare community that have made a commitment to sustainable, environmentally preferable practices.Health Care Without Harm partnered with the American Hospital Association, Environmental Protection Agency, and the American Nurses Association …

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Health Care: Leading by Example Health Care Without Harm

It is time for the health sector to respond to the reality of climate change by taking a moral and tangible leadership role in mitigation efforts around the globe, beginning with its own policies and practices. No one knows the precise size of the health sector's global climate footprint, but we know that it is substantial. In all industrialized and many developing countries,

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Health Care Without Harm – Massachusetts

Health care is the largest single segment of the Boston economy. Taken together, health care and university education account for more than 20% of local employment. In addition, hospitals are critical infrastructure: Their uninterrupted operation during and after extreme weather events is crucial to providing essential medical services.

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Introducing Climate Impact Checkup: healthcare’s GHG emissions

Health Care Without Harm and Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) present Climate Impact Checkup, a unique tool developed for any healthcare facility in the world to calculate and track its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.. With Climate Impact Checkup, healthcare providers worldwide will be able to determine the footprint of their operations, …

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Health care’s role in Biden admin’s latest climate commitments

WASHINGTON (Nov 6, 2021) – Today’s commitment by the Biden administration through the COP26 Health Programme to decarbonize our health care system and ensure our facilities and communities are climate-resilient comes at a critical moment. As our nation endures climate-caused weather events, including wildfires, drought, flooding, hurricanes

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Health Care Without Harm's statement on Supreme Court rulings

Abortion care is health care. Addressing the climate crisis is health care. Reproductive justice is environmental justice. These issues are inextricably linked. The Supreme Court’s decision to strip away federal protections for abortion care and reproductive health services widens gender and racial inequities and health disparities.

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Health Care Culinary Contest: Qualifying ingredients

The Health Care Culinary Contest is celebrating plant proteins such as legumes, nuts, and seeds designated by the United States Department of Agriculture as “specialty crops.” Each entry into the contest must contain at least one of the following ingredients in order to qualify.

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Health care’s leadership crucial in light of climate SCOTUS decision

Statement from Gary Cohen, Health Care Without Harm founder. On a day when we should be celebrating momentum in the health sector's fight against climate change, we are alarmed to see the Supreme Court's latest decision. Today’s White House event illustrates the power of the private health care sector to protect our health and our planet. 61

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