What is Healthy Food

Healthy food means access for everyone to a diverse selection of nutritious foods that are sustainably grown, harvested and minimally processed close to home. Healthy food nourishes our bodies, cultures, communities, animals, soil, and environment. Healthy food means fresh, unprocessed, local foods that you have to wash to eat.

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Minnesota Food Charter

Eric Weiss—Healthy Improvement Project Manager with the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota—unexpectedly found his way into food access work while helping run the New Hope Farmers Market …

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Healthy Food = Healthy Bodies: A Vision for Healthy Food Access …

As Minnesotans, we have a vested interest in these concerns. Supplying, sourcing, and serving healthy food in these facilities improve our health and strengthen our economy through reduced healthcare costs. For Our Healthy Future: Healthy Food Access in Healthcare Settings takes place at 11 a.m. on Thursday, April 17th.

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Overview of Network Health and Evaluation Tools

The evaluation of the health and effectiveness of the Minnesota Food Charter Network is intended to contribute to the network to achieve its potential in fostering the deep changes that need to occur in our food system.

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On Health Equity by Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger

The Minnesota Food Charter is a great example of an ambitious shared roadmap for policy and systems change that seeks to build a culture of health and advance health equity in our state. Thousands of Minnesotans came together to identify the Food Charter’s 99 strategies to reduce barriers that prevent reliable access to safe, affordable

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Food Access Planning Guide

Associated Resources Health and Planning. The purpose of planning is community health. Not necessarily the way we traditionally think of health – doctor’s visits, clinics, vaccines – but rather the policies, systems, and built environment that contribute to the design of our communities and the way in which we live, work, learn, and play (or don’t) in …

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What We’ve Got

Health. 60% of deaths in Minnesota are diet-related. The majority of deaths are from diet-related illness, u0003like stroke, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 2:3 Minnesotans are overweight or obese. Many low-income Minnesotans are obese with other u0003diet-related problems, including 1 out of 3 young children.

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health impact of an existing transportation system or proposed transportation project. Design for Health Physical Activity and Planning Guide (2007) was a collaborative project that served to bridge the gap between the emerging research base on community design and healthy living and the everyday realities of

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Closing the Health Equity Gap: How the Minnesota Food Charter …

The Food Charter uses an ‘equity’ lens to understand this issue and identify common-sense policy and systems changes that work to level the playing field. An equity lens means we examine the structural factors that lead to poorer access to healthy food and diet-related health outcomes to better understand why some communities don’t have

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New Ulm: A Community Becoming A Beacon to Improving Healthy …

Accomplishing those health achievements and then going even further does not come easy. It takes a lot of work by a lot of people to change a community’s environment to promote health. One group working to solidify the gains and achieve more is the HONU Food Environment Action Team, one of 11 action teams the project has for specific areas.

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Communities Across Minnesota Are Making Healthy, Safe, and …

The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, a program of the Minnesota Department of Health, is working with over 800 partners to increase healthy food access. The Food Access Planning Guide, a companion document to the Minnesota Food Charter, is helping city and county governments see their role in creating a healthy food environment.

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Food Charter looks to make healthy foods a priority for residents …

The extension service, Minnesota Department of Public Health, and the Southwest Regional Sustainable development Partnership were among those who helped convene the gathering. It’s the first of many that will be held through August as the state gathers input towards a Food Charter, according to Adamek and Dybsetter.

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Food Accessibility

Goals. Stores selling healthy food are located near all communities. Cities and towns provide adequate, safe options to bike or walk to places where they can buy or grow healthy food. Communities offer widely available, and more affordable public, private, and non-profit transportation and delivery options to make it easier to get healthy food.

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Protecting the Producers: Improving Healthy Food Access for New

More globally, participants called for more community engagement with leaders involved in the food system, including government officials, food providers, and physicians, to create better systems for access and health. Production Challenges. But new immigrants aren’t just consumers of food; they also grow it.

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