Audiologist & ENT Specialists Serving Greater Phoenix, …

The ear, nose, and throat doctors at Enticare ENT, provide treatment for diseases of the ears, nose, and throat in children and adults through surgical and non-surgical techniques. Our team is comprised of Surgical Providers, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Audiologists, Hearing instrument specialists, Respiratory therapists, and

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New Patient Forms Enticare Greater Phoenix, AZ

If you are a new Enticare patient, use our secure online Patient Portal to complete your intake paperwork. On this page, you can also find the forms for you to download and complete. Choose the option best for you because arriving with completed patient forms before your visit will ensure timely check-in at the time of your appointment.

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ENT Doctors in the Phoenix Area Schedule an …

Premier Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors in Phoenix, Arizona. The Enticare Surgical Team is comprised of highly specialized surgeons treating patients with diseases of the nose, paranasal sinuses and complex head and neck. Whether you have hearing problems, allergies, dizziness, sinus infections, snoring or any other ear, nose, and throat related

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Insurance Providers Enticare Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors

No referral required. Medicare replacement. AHCCCS Steward Health Choice of AZ. No referral required. (Secondary: No referral required) AHCCCS Magellan Complete Care of AZ. Paper referral is required from primary care. (Secondary: No …

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Find a Sinus Relief Doctor Greater Phoenix Allergy Testing

Better health based on a stronger immune system for optimum health. Three areas of primary benefits of Allergy treatment: Reduce fatigue from the overactivity of your immune system. Make your quality of living healthier. Reduce the patient’s cost of office visits, medication, and loss of work and school.

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A Healthy Diet Can Lower the Risk of Hearing Loss

A new study has positively linked healthy eating to improved hearing health, highlighting how the important systems and senses of the body are all connected. New Research Emerges At Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, part of the Harvard Medical School, newly published research outlines how over the long term, a healthy diet is linked to

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A Healthy Diet Can Lower Risk of Hearing Loss

Several studies and research show that a healthy diet does in fact have a positive impact on hearing health. One of the most recent studies was conducted by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts in 2019. The data showed that people adhering to a healthy diet were significantly less likely to develop hearing loss.

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Types of Hearing Loss and Their Treatments

Your health provider will take you through the available options so that you can make an informed decision. Auditory Neuropathy. This is a rare form of hearing loss. It happens when there is a problem in the transmission of nerve impulses from the inner parts of the ear to the brain. Auditory neuropathy affects both ears, and the degree of

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What Can Cause Sleep Apnea

Receiving quality sleep is a major component of health and wellness. Sleep provides the body with the time to rest and replenish the systems, muscles, and cells that sustain it. Though it is recommended that adults receive 7-9 hours of sleep per night, over 35% of adults sleep less than 7 hours per night. According […]

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Healthy Habits to Protect Your Hearing Enticare Ear, Nose, and …

We often overlook the importance of prioritizing hearing health. Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions that people of all ages experience. In the U.S., nearly 1 in 5 people have some degree of impaired hearing, impacting over 48 million people. Damaged hearing is permanent which is why practicing safety measures is […]

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Sleep Disorder Treatment Greater Phoenix Schedule Your Sleep …

Sleep is Critical to Your Health. Restful sleep is an integral part of good health. Most people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep to optimally function. With the advancement of technology, it is becoming more and more difficult to get quality sleep. Our brain is constantly agitated by various forms of alerts and visual stimulants.

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What You Need to Know about Head Pain & Coughs

Pain on one or both sides of the head. A sharp pain. Head pain that starts very abruptly, during or immediately after coughing. After the initial head pain, a dull ache may persist for a few more minutes. Secondary cough headaches are more severe than primary cough headaches. A secondary cough headache usually last far longer, and can often

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What Vitamins Help Restless Leg Syndrome

According to the National Sleep Foundation, around 10 percent of individuals experience Restless Legs Syndrome at times. 1 in 500 reports that the condition is chronic and interferes with their quality of life, work productivity, and mental health.If you suffer from uneasy feelings in your legs that keep you up at night, you may wonder what vitamins might help …

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Healthy Hearing Tips for the New Year

Hearing health is such an integral, and often overlooked, component of overall wellness. The sense of hearing is a critical way we navigate and understand daily life, so when it is impaired, the effects can be significant. Hearing loss is the third most common chronic medical condition that people experience. Impacting nearly 1 in 5 people (of

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Top 10 Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea ENT Sleep Disorder Doctors

Dangerous Health Effects of Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea may cause many dangerous health issues. If you suffer from the health issues caused by sleep apnea, there is a chance that a lack of sleep, in fact, causes your health problems. Just because you are “asleep” for 8 hours doesn’t mean that you sleep well for 8 hours.

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Can Head Injury Cause Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common, chronic health conditions that people experience. Nearly 1 in 8 people have some degree of impaired hearing in the U.S. which impacts over 40 million people. Hearing loss can be caused by a variety of factors including: aging, existing medical conditions (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension etc.), environmental […]

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Melatonin for Sleep: What You Should Know ENT Enticare Arizona

According to the National Institutes of Health, adult use of melatonin supplements more than doubled in the United States in 2012, with an estimated 3.1 million adults reporting that they had taken melatonin during the past 30 days.Even though your body produces “the sleep hormone” melatonin naturally, some people supplement with synthetic melatonin to help …

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